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Derived from my grandmother's name, Milagros Mercado, it is translated to Miracle Market. I wanted to create a hub, a marketplace for light workers, empaths, and like minded conscious beings.


As a Yoga Teacher, Business Owner and an intuitive reader, I have always been asked for advice on how to do certain rituals that I personally practice. I created Miracle Marketplace to showcase my creations and also collaborate with empowered and enlightened women in business whom I trust through carefully and mindfully purchasing and even making products such as crystals, wands, carrier oils and more. 


I also want to feature powerful lightworkers and offer their services such as virtual reiki sessions, tarot readings and also intuitive services.


Thank you for your support! May you be blessed with abundance and prosperity. 111 

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Mara Francesca

Owner & Founder

The Miracle Marketplace

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