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April 2021 Oracle-scope!

Happy Aries season, siblings! Weather is getting warmer and we got the youngest sign to thank for that! Mercury enters passionate Aries on the third giving us the opportunity to really ask ourselves what do we really want. The energy from March's super full moon in Libra to remove certain blockages and energies of passive aggressiveness and moving into more of diplomacy, balance and mindfulness. The venus ruled Libra super full moon truly asked you to reflect more on your needs and less of what others want and desire from you. As a collective, we are all given new paths and new chances to change and evolve. It is now up to each and everyone of us to decide whether if we want to stay where we are (and there's nothing wrong with that!) or move forward to changing for the better.

Aries season is not only just for burning out the flame that no longer serves you, it is also about reigniting your passions, connections and probably even reconnect to ones that you've taken a break from! The latter of April as Venus ruled Taurus arrives, embrace the calmer energy and enhance your self love and self care even more as the earlier part of this month, we are all asked to work hard, think deep, and completely release.


April Predictions via Shamanic Healing Oracle Cards!

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Happy Birthday, Aries! This month's card is all about perception for you. The past few months were basically a test from the universe if you were going to go back to your old ways and forget your needs by still trying fill the void from seeking validation from others. You may not admit it but Aries, you always feel the need to be needed. Is there a situation in the present moment that you are viewing from a very rigid perspective? May be you don't need to help everyone and stop concentrating that it's your mess, your issues to fix and let a different point of view by stepping back and shift that perception. May it be about your work, career, personal or love -- letting go of the idea that everything has to be x,y,z can free yourself from the restraints of your own paradigm. You maybe great at straight forward, cheerleading, motivational speaking type of communication, but have you actually talked to yourself? Write something about you with compassion, love and understanding. It's time for you to get to know you and not through the people you surround yourself with. And you will definitely see what the Universe will gift you.

Taurus: (April 20 – May 20)

Happy birthday to my cuspies! My dearest fixed, earth sign, there is a metaphysical philosophy, a school of thought that before we come to every lifetime, we make a map and a contract with other souls. They are either our lesson, or we are theirs that becomes a path to know our purpose and ourselves even more. These soul contracts are a catalyst for change. When a twin flame, a soul mate, a friendship, or a karmic partner comes to your life, it isn't to destroy you but to teach you the lesson that you so deserve in this lifetime. No matter how difficult and challenging it could be, believe it or not, this agreement is based out of love. While there is a chance for you to reunite with these connections and this card I pulled for you is a sign of people coming back into your life or you plan to reunite with your soul mate, it is about using the experiences and lessons you have truly learned and ask yourself, "Have I turned my knowledge into wisdom?". If you have turn your knowledge into the highest form go lessons, you have the ability to utilize your intuition. Taurus you come from love and it is one of the deepest forms of love that I know you have a hard time letting go. I know it is easier said than done -- but let go of the notion of the past being painful, and instead turn it into power. This will shift your self worth and ascend to another phase in life that will be fruitful for you.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Rejoice, my fellow air sign! For death to fall out right away in your reading only signifies your path to healing and rebirth! This month feels all brand new to you, my sweet Gemini. It's like you have shifted and peeled off the layers like an onion, and just like an onion there were alot of tears that led you to this progress. Do not be scared to let the old part of yourself die, whether planned or unplanned because it gave you the chance to rebirth. There are new opportunities for you and death signifies not only endings but new beginnings that are on the horizon. Gemini, shift your perspective that you do so well as a mutable and adaptable sign. This troublesome situation that occurred is about to end, and remember to thank your past that led you to your beautiful present that will lead you to your bountiful future. This shift will raise your energetic vibrations to empower your soul, and you will see why things unfolded the way it did. It may not feel like it now but when the time comes you'll reflect about certain situations, you'll be glad it happened! Congratulations Gemini to your rebirth and regeneration!

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

The month of April is guiding you to work on healing your mind, body, and spirit. It encourages you to look deeper into the aspects of the self that can be aided by taking your meditative practices up a notch! May it be Yoga, Reiki or even journaling, remember that the healing energy is self care and self love. When you take your time in getting to know yourself, this doesn't only affect you -- it also affects the people that surround you. It's been quite a feat for Cancers to connect with the self for the past year because your innate need to fit others in your life. Don't let guilt be a deterrent to raise your vibration. For example, a phone needs to charge itself so it can connect with other phones. Cancer, you let the battery die out before you can even recharge! How can you connect with others when you forget you are the your first priority? In April, focus on your own personal needs for this card signifies healing taking place within situations, relationships, and different aspects of life. When you heal, the alignment of the stars are leading you to a financial abundance - only if the mindset is in the right vibration.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

This month is about Ascension for you Leo, but let it not be just the ultimate goal for there is so much more in store for you. While ascending to another phase in our human life is something that every spiritualist desire, let's not forget the value of the process of getting there. By being conscious that every cycle of our lives, there is a lesson in order to graduate from it. You are not the same person you were 10 years ago, you are also not the same person you were a year ago either! Yes, even as a fixed sign you have the capability to change and adapt through changing times and let the last Mercury retrograde be a lesson for you -- that you, can, change. One thing you didn't realize is, you were just walking towards your ascension. For every experience, relationship and obstacle, it's three steps forward to the direction of your true path. This is also another chance for you to learn from others, and a great opportunity for you to connect with untouched networks because of this change! There is a bountiful harvest for you on the horizon especially on the career sector. Get ready!

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

A new day is on the horizon! Just like your co-ruler in Mercury, Gemini - you have the ability to see life in a brand new light, Virgo. This month of April 2021, rose colored glasses are off once you illuminate the dark night of the soul phase that you were in and out of for the past few months. Acknowledge the fear and doubt but don't let it deter you to see that you're well on your way to a new day. Every day can be a new year and you don't have to wait for 365 to start anew. A Virgo, may it be an earth sign has the reputation to be a fixer, and yet tends to forget themselves along the way. You also have to understand and find solace that there is nothing wrong with not fixing an obviously challenging issue, there's no truly bad or good in a situation -- it just is. And there is also nothing wrong with getting in touch with your feelings and emotions my dear Virgo. Love is so infinite and limitless that you have the capability to start fresh -- might as well start with you!

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

April is about money and creativity Libra! Whether you are of the arts, music, writing or another path to explore creative sources that you haven't tapped or touched in a while - DO IT. Even if creativity isn't a part of your work or career, do something that gets your inventive and imagination going even as a hobby. Reprogram yourself by accessing your right brain a little bit more by doing things you probably have or thought will never do before! Doodle, draw, dance when no ones watching, sing your lungs out in the shower just let that inner free spirit shine once in a while. This may leave you feeling a little unbalanced but guess what, the rulers of scales and justice is also the ruler of the planet Venus, love! When you acknowledge the impulse to become an artist, you become a creator. You have the ability to experience to the flow of being when you try something new. Let this first few weeks of April be a phase of loosening up even just a little, Libra. Because the rest of the April coming to Taurus season, will be all work because financial abundances are on the horizon because of one creative idea you discovered. You'll probably look back at this thinking, you were glad to let the fun Libra loose!

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Ah, Scorpio! The co-ruler of Mars besides Aries. Remember that our experiences in the past and also past lives are all just a sum of who we currently become. But remember this is also not who we completely are either. Yes, you have a reputation of being intense. But lately, you have been quite paranoid about people and certain situations. You have to reflect about this: Are you just trying to look for trouble because you're bored or is this intensity something that has triggered something that happened in the past? One of the challenges you tend to face is remembering who you truly are and not let yourself be bombarded on who we should be. Pluto one of your ruling planets is going retrograde, and you will be forced to stop your paranoia and let go of things you don't need to worry about. There's a big difference between fear of the past repeating itself and integrating your experiences that will lead you to become a wiser being. Find some quiet moments and establish a relationship with that small yet strong voice inside of you. Not the guilting, not the shaming voice we so hear from society, media, family and friends -- your own voice. Listen to your intuition about this situation and you will see the truth for what is truly is.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

April is a great time for you to find solace and retreat in your safe place, my dearest Sagittarius. I know this is hard for one of the most independent signs out of 12 zodiacs -- to ask for help. You see vulnerability as a beautiful things for others and yet such a dismay to yourself when you yourself are. Did you know by retreating just a little and letting others do the work promises a big pay off in return? Being too self reliant and doing all of the hard work can also deter you from getting the abundance. April will truly test your empathic skills to know that it's okay, my dearest Sagittarius to ask for help so you can take care of yourself. When you let others shine when you're in the process of self care and retreating, you have no idea the prosperity that lies within that. You can basically bask in joy and abundance just because you found a way to retreat so you can rest your mind, body, and soul. Get your ducks in a row, Sag! Because changes are coming soon and use this time to prepare you!

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Hi Capricorn, did you know that April for you is about realizing that you are created in joy? When you realize that you are joy you might create something that is of higher vibrations. In an astrological aspect, if you are not planning to have a child -- please make sure that you are protected because 'tis the season of high prime sexual joy! You weren't called or represented GOAT for nothing, Cap. This Joy card represents not the just destination but you are the vehicle that leads to this emotion. Bask in April especially during Taurus season for you are receiving alot of reconnections through friends and family that 2020 made you feel like you lost. Hence to why the card suggest to show more affection, grace, faith and gratitude through expressing yourself more to the connections you have. Alternately, this card is about love, growth, tears and self realization. Enjoy Spring, Cap! You deserve this.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

My dearest Aquarius, always remember that challenges, struggles is an imminent part of life. The oldest air sign out of three truly knows how to embrace it but also forgets to lead themselves out to the light. I know there are things in life and even in the collective that truly affects you. To be quite honest, your straightforward aloofness can be intimidating to a bunch. While being yourself is the best way as an empath like yourself, how in the world are you able to communicate your thoughts and feelings when you are struggling in opening up? And you wonder why you connect with people who are on the same boat as you! You concentrate on the struggle and you will attract one after the other. Remember that these are just lessons and overcoming personal challenges so you can learn and turn these into knowledge. This is the light at the end of the tunnel, my dear Aquarius. If you start to reflect on what this is teaching you, this setback will feel so brief because it automatically rights itself from the wrongdoings. When you think about the wrongs, you will only manifest the wrongs. When you embrace that there is a solution, whether if its desired or not, you will see the light.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Belated Happy birthday Pisces! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL CARD TO GET AFTER YOUR MONTH! This is about water, emotion, energy and all life flowing through you, my dearest Pisces. All you need to do is have a little bit more of patience. This April energy is asking you to let go of the notion that you are not able to move forward and let go of the outdated insecurities the past has put a pattern on you. Let the emotion go and you will see a door of new opportunities, a rainbow of possibilities. If you keep attaching yourself to the past patterns and habits, you will only teach yourself to identify more in your paradigms rather than embrace the soul that you truly are. So March, you did some purging. You probably let go of people and also reconnected or wanting to reconnect with past ones that you probably cut because of all the messy retrogrades of 2020. Remember this is just a release, Pisces. Purging has the ability to make you sit with your feelings, cry out, and journal what calls your soul. And I know my fishies very well -- unconditional love is a part of who you are so do it for yourself also. When you finally purge and are ready to connect to the world, reconnect with people you miss, remember that the new beginning is on the horizon! Let the past be a phase and move forward to the future!


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May You Be Your Miracle,


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