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Ascension 101

There is a surge of interest in the esoteric aspect of life. I have felt this not only in 2020 but for a few years before this pandemic hit. As a young Yoga practitioner back then, I always knew there was more to the physical aspects of the practice, beyond the gymnastics like movement, as if you're racing towards a posture like you're competing for the olympics. I noticed that our bodies connected to how we felt the night before, how we feel the day after. A few years later, I realized that we come to this lifetime with empathic abilities. Then I read about the word, Ascension.

According to the dictionary, Ascension means the act of rising to an important position or a higher level. Every time we come to a realization, an epiphany, a waking moment of clarity - this is what we call a download; and downloads, are a path way to ascension.

Ascending is a painful process because you are required to destroy the foundation you thought you had, but a beautiful start to rebuild a stronger base for your vessel and spirit. Think of it as if you are doing Yoga, we go into a posture and it should be focused and emphasized on the structure, the root -- the foundation. Now if the foundation is faulty to begin with, the posture is not executed well or can lead to injuries. What do we do when the structure itself is from a faulty foundation? We deconstruct and reconstruct. To relate this in the process of ascension, we are provoked to break our patterns and habits that we inherited from generations to generations. Now, that also means that we are given a choice to let go of the unnecessary, unhealthy energies albeit past, residual and even present. You are not the same as you were a year ago, you are not the same as you were 10 years ago; it's because we've always been ascending through another phase of our lives.

In lament’s terms, we are growing. We are wiser, we matured and we learned from every single experience we have that turned into a lesson. Some of us are starting to get sick and tired of chasing dreams that were not ours, goals that were programmed, problems that we have no business in solving and working for things that are just for material and tangible gain.

While Yoga taught me to release the cessations of the mind, (Yoga Sutra 1:2), embracing that life is a constant change is something I learned from severe, traumatic experiences in my life. What led me to ascending is taking accountability of the loss, destroying and burning foundation because of my own actions, past residual patterns that also led me to letting go.

An empath works on the shadow phase, receive a download and is being provided a lesson. A lightworker illuminates the shadow by beaming light upon it, allows the download to become knowledge, and have the ability to ascend. When you ascend, you turn that knowledge into wisdom and change your perspective.

Most of my advocates, my connections are empathic lightwork beings. We all go through the same growing pains. We find solace in the intangible gain through mindful conversations. We connect because who else is going to relate to another fellow lightworker? Another one.

When we open up to the esoteric, the unorthodox way of living life, we also open the doors of ascension. It is unexplained, under research why we human beings connect the way we do. When we rise from what we call rock bottom, there's this magic that happens called intuition. We enhance our intuitive gifts because we embraced the power of Ascension. Use and utilize this time to reflect upon your downloads. Enjoy the journey!

000 | 111 | 444 | 1111

M 🌙 🌟



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