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Full moon in Taurus is here.

We are being asked to finish cycles that releases the habitual pain. We were programmed to accept what is, from ancestral patterns. In order to feel the Taurean full moon energy of self care, we are being asked to transform and shift which is such a Scorpionic energy to do: to transform in order to feel that love ruminating within ourselves.

What the F* is this energy?

This is a partial eclipse happening in November 19 in the sign of Taurus during Scorpio season that hasn’t happened since 2014. It is also a mark of new eclipse cycle, that will unfold in the next couple of months, and years. This is the first of a set of eclipses occurring along the opposite signs Scorpio and Taurus energy. This means the shift will be focused on love and transformation.

Use this partial eclipse as a way to look back at the last cycle, which was 2014, and what have you done and where you’re at from the last six years. There could be sudden shifts and even endings during this time to encourage us to release and let go in order to move forward with your new beginnings. Imagine that spotlight shining over things that was working and not working for us.

How this will affect me?

Just as the full moon can raise the tides of bodies of water, this can also impact our emotional and intuitive abilities. You may have noticed this in the past couple of days, a rise of synchronicities with our connections that can almost feel like coincidental, but believe it is just aligning and realigning you with your souls purpose in order to release the parts that no longer serve your highest good.

This partial eclipse can cause conflict for two planets are in opposition: Scorpio is ruled by Mars, while Taurus is ruled by Venus. Sun in Scorpio are known for deep self reflection, shadow work and become reclusive. This also opposes the full moon in Taurus meaning grounding, raising the ethereal senses and sensual pleasures.

You could have had the taste of this Full moon energy days prior to the cycle and even after depending on your element. Fixed signs such as Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius will feel this shift very deeply. Depending on where your placements are, if you have fixed signs in your chart, this will be the highlight in during the full moon (Ex. Sun in Scorpio means soul, Moon in Taurus means emotions, Mercury in Aquarius means communication/thinking, Venus in Leo means love).

What should I focus on this season?

Focal Points In A Nutshell

  • Physical and sensory activities: Cooking, art, writing, music, hiking, sunsets and sunrises, massage, plant care, dance, meditating to remain present

  • Shadow work: Explore triggers, the roots to many of our patterns, be comfortable to be uncomfortable by looking at ourselves in the most vulnerable way so we can know where that stems from. This will show us how we project our own reality to the outside world.

During this peak we are being asked to find balance between our divine feminine and masculine, to be open to working our shadow selves and uncomfortable truths that represents Scorpio; at the same time fully explore our sensory activities and stimulate the light heartedness that is Taurus. When we feel depleted because of focusing way too much on one side of the coin, use this time to bring in much more of the other to find that balance.

When we are trying to raise our vibration and seek a more spiritual path, this partial eclipse teaches us to look at our past habits and ancestral patterns if we are projecting this unprocessed baggage in the outside world. This is a great reminder for those who are practicing and harnessing their intuitive gifts, to do the inner work so we can release what weighs us down.

It could be very beneficial to do some ritual divination such as baths for the water element, and grounding practices for the earth element, so we can go with the flow and remain rooted at the same time.

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