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Mabuhay! Here's your weekly Tarot Tuesday!

Mabuhay, and welcome to your weekly Tarot Tuesday on The Miracle Marketplace! Not all messages are going to resonate, so do check your sun, moon, rising, venus placements or just check in next time. General Astrological and Tarot readings are not always going to be clear and concise, because there are millions of Geminis, Leos, Pisces out there but think of it as a a map or tour guide, but you are the driver in the path of your life.

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When you’re using your rational mind, and not always letting the emotional mind take over, you realize that the only thing that is perfect is imperfection, and that includes you and others. Just remember that you are doing the best when you are trying to be the best version of yourself. This full moon may actually reflect on the areas of the times you may have made “mistakes”, how you treated others without being mindful and even instances that made you put your foot on your mouth. Remember, these all are lessons to a point; but when repeated, then it becomes a mistake. Regardless, you are human and we’re all figuring this all out on this plane and there is always room to grow. This full moon in Sagittarius will also help you let your words flow much more cohesive to your soul. And it will give you opportunities on how to work on your goals successfully.













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