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Mabuhay! It's Tarot Tuesday

Mabuhay, and welcome to your weekly Tarot Tuesday on The Miracle Marketplace! Not all messages are going to resonate, so do check your sun, moon, rising, venus placements or just check in next time. General Astrological and Tarot readings are not always going to be clear and concise, because there are millions of Geminis, Leos, Pisces out there but think of it as a a map or tour guide, but you are the driver in the path of your life.

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Time to work on that self confidence and believe in yourself. Your energy is shifting this week because the sun will be connecting with expansive and hopeful Jupiter on your sign on and off for the next year and a half. Make use of your newly found confidence and positivity that will be beneficial for your goals. There is a need to address your purpose in your goals and dreams especially when it comes to your relationships — don’t be afraid to address your feelings this week. This will teach you to level up.

Your cards for this week are Queen of Pentacles and 9 of cups. You are working on your abundance so be confident because your wishes are coming true. Practicing the attitude of gratitude will help you to raise your vibrations.













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