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Updated: May 10, 2021

Happy Taurus season, my siblings! Woof on that Pink and Super full moon energy on the 24th, right? It was extremely intense and a lot of truths start to reveal itself. No worries, my siblings. You just needed to close doors to open new opportunities, close out connections that no longer serve your highest vibration. Remember things happen for you, not to you. This serves a lesson for you and the rest of the collective. As long as you acknowledge the role that you played in certain energies and are willing to embrace these learning experiences as a lesson, watch it unfold -- it will come back 10 times ;)

This Taurus season is going to be all about love. Taurus is ruled by Venus, but unlike its co-ruler, Libra. Taurus is about the tangible, the sensory pleasures that life can provide. So if you do feel a little extra touchy, or catching yourself dressing up and doing some mini make overs to your home or even yourself, I suggest you embrace it! That's what Taurus is all about, beauty, pleasure and love. As we move towards the end of May, we will be going through our second mercury retrograde of this year, plus Pluto is in retrograde as well. Be mindful with your words, for even as early in the game, because of the Pink Full Moon it showed alot of us the reality of who we are, and even others. During the 29th of May and rest of June, be wary of gossip, drama situations that don't involve you and watch things unfold from the distance -- you don't want to get caught on something with assumptions that are only from second hand information cause that will bite you. Alot has been illuminated for the year and have seen ending cycles. It's okay, this is a part of your growth process. You're meant to do something bigger and better. It's okay to cut cords and block unnecessary and negativity because everything, like I said, will come back 10 fold. This is the time for you to reflect upon your life and really become your own loving person -- a time for you to reflect on who you are and whatever comes out of you is a reflection of how you feel about yourself. So speak with compassion, understanding and love. This season you will be seen for who you truly are.


May Predictions via Shamanic Healing Oracle Cards!

Remember to look at your Sun, Moon, Rising, placements. If you do not know your chart, get your natal chart today!

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

My dearest Aries, what I picked for you is Psychic Development. This means the energy and healing work you are doing will enable you to heighten your intuition and sensitivity within yourself and others. You are finally using your abilities to feel out certain situations of the past. Use your discernment, if you don't have all the facts right, do not assume but instead follow your intuition and what serves your highest purpose. Energy should be flowing like water, we do not take energy from others nor we should close ourselves either. There's a big difference between building walls and boundaries. We attract the people, energy and situations we surround with for a reason. May be it's time for you to do some reading about spirituality, set a medium or oracle reading, and even a mentorship to heighten your intuition. And yes, Aries - this will provide you a passionate endeavor.

Taurus: (April 20 – May 20)

Happy Birthday Taurus!!! I hope and hoped your birthday is bringing you a sense of clarity, peace and harmony that you truly deserve. Not only are you celebrating your birthday, it seems like you are celebrating YOUR REBIRTH! So your stubborn ass will finally realize that you can't fight change unless you want the universe to do it all for you. This is a great thing, the world is changing every year and you may have found yourself connecting and reconnecting with patterns. These are endings, a surprise or planned that can cause anxiety and uneasiness at times. Death also means to just let go of the pattern, person, relationship, ideology, norm or situation that is ending. The beauty in this is yes, you can start over! When you think of the beauty of endings, you shift and raise your vibration. Our morals, ideas, philosophies change over time, my dear Taurus. Not all is what it seemed 10 years ago, 5 years ago or even 5 days ago. Life evolves and so should you because you deserve this change and evolution. I have a great feeling for my empowered empathic Tauruses out there that this will be a fruitful, loving month for you. New adventure awaits. Quit being stubborn!

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

My dearest Gemini, this month is all about teaching! This is a teachable month for you and maybe it's time to for you dust off that journal of yours and start writing and learning new crafts again. This is going to be a favorable month for entrepreneurs and business mind like Geminis. Even if you're not a business owner, you will have some unexpected abundance coming in your way if you do give yourself the gift of education. It doesn't have to be going back to school (and if you are, Mazel!), it can also be about refining your skills by taking workshops and mentorships or even reading books. The teaching card represents mastery, skillful and depth. Just because not all your manifestations are coming to fruition doesn't mean that it is not germinating or migrating to other aspects of your own spiritual field. We tend to forget that we plant these seeds of manifestations not to expect the instant gratification and outcome. You learned to nurture, and let it go, move forward with other endeavors. This month you will see that seed turn into a plant and blossom.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Having dizzy spells, and can't sleep Cancer? Congratulations my crab, you're ascending. Some may think Ascension is this ethereal feeling like you're in Nirvana. While yes, there is this euphoric energy that happens when you have ascended, the process of ascension is a painful one. We call this the awakening, and for you cancer, might be a rude one. You had to peel off the layers that you so love to hide in your crusty crustacean shell, but people see you for who you are now. Each experience, relationship, situation, energy, is bringing you one step closer to another level. Yes, Cancer, offers. Yes Cancer, leveling up. You need to remind yourself that your past pains are going just stepping stones for your empowerment. And you're on it this month, see your seeds grow!

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Oof, after such an erratic mix of emotions and situations of highs and lows Leo, you are finally moving into balance. You are moving from the irrational to a more calm, mindful energetic space that will help you bring clarity on your career, love and finance. You may need to tweak a few things here and there but nothing a Leo cannot do, to be quite honest. You just need to observe what you send out to the universe, God, or the divine and how you can respond rather than react. An empowered Leo is all about drive and passion that stems from love. A much more independent energy is also in the horizon. A well-balanced Lion can forsee things so quickly and can swiftly make moves. Remember to use your intuition and whatever decisions you make, observe how the body communicates with you. Your passion and logic are going to be your best friend this month. You're on your way to your lifetime goals.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Earth to Earth sign virgo: Time to change your perception. Time to release that rigidity philosophy that was inherited by familial patterns. Why keep a pattern that is so unhealthy for you anyway? Why do you keep doubting your intuition when you know there's a reason why you're hesitant and also willing to go through lengths on a specific situation? Perhaps you need to take a step back, step outside of external drama and see the issue from a different views and not let your personal experiences and trauma be a hindrance. You'll realize that the solution is right infront of you and you will shift your judgment toward this person to a less passionate one but coming from love or honestly, even indifference. Let go of what is holding you back, and this will bring you back to the balance you've been trying to get for months. I see what you're doing Virgo. Fixing your shit, before fixing other peoples shit - Congratulations on finding your self worth, my lovelies!

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

You must be connecting with an Aries or have Aries in your placements Libra because you are finally honing your intuition. As spiritual, physical beings we tend to forget that we are created from energy. And with that energy, we are able to create situations, stories, and we forget to write our own narrative because we are too busy writing for others. Hence to why it's so easy for empaths to mirror and honestly, disempowered empaths to emulate other peoples energy by taking theirs. Then we start to judge, and creating cycles of labeling that end up making the us, the empaths feel guilty. Libra, use your intuition. Whatever they say about you or people you love, is what they truly feel about themselves. Let them dig their own grave because honestly -- shit's about to hit the fan for these narcissists. That Pink Full Moon illuminated them for your own good, and you felt a shift in your physical and mental body. So you're purging -- Good riddance! It's the month of clarity for you and new connections.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Same card as last month for you Scorpio. My dear sweet Scorp, apparently you need to fix the fixed sign in you when it comes to shifting your experiences as a teachable moment. You have the knowledge, talent and wisdom for you to share. We are beyond what society thinks of us as what we should be, how we should act and live, and who we should be. The snake is a representation of yourself shedding layers and it's uncomfortable while you're on the process of transforming. In the meantime, find a quiet space for you to start to build a long lasting relationship with that little voice inside of you, called intuition. It may be small but it's strong. Many times in your day to day aspects, you have that little voice show up to sway the other way that hinders you from moving forward but your logical mind tells you to stop it and keep treading that allows the ego to get in the way. With the Full moon being in your sign, you have had some revelations come your way and lo and behold - you were right. Things are not what it seemed as you heard from others, and this wasn't all in your head after all. May will be about clarity, concise communication because you're on your way to transformation.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

And the truth finally came. It stings and it hurts. Every one else's agenda including yours has finally been revealed. The shadows Sagittarius, cannot hide anything from their keen vision like the eagle. Now what are you going to do about it? Did you remove yourself from that lower vibration or are you going to keep repeating the patterns that will serve that energy? What is your energy Sagittarius? Because the collective sees the truth in you and yes it can be quite intimidating and scary at times. According to the true meaning of the card, are you or someone connected to you unconsciously suppressed the truth? Hiding this my dear Sagittarius can only intensify the lesson and this will be illuminated this month. Now if you have repaired these situations, and really worked on reconnecting, you will also see this pass as fast as it came. This full moon energy revealed every one else's perspective and vision. I suggest that its time to seek clarity and make peace with it.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

New things are unfolding for you this Taurus season, Capricorn! You've been feeling alot of the growing pains that came the beginning of this year. You are definitely not the same and you truly learned from your experiences over the past few months and even years. You don't even talk the same way, Cap. That comes from sheer hard work from growth and give yourself a huge pat on the back. The overall energy for you this month is to really envision what you want for this year. I know you are probably dancing because this requires planning, journaling to see your dreams and goals come to life. You're good at this Capricorn! Then I know you hate to hear this, once everything is written down and you can visualize the goal, you have to wait because everything will unfold.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Aquarius, when was the last time you really practiced self compassion? Out of all your air siblings, you have a hard time letting go of things and situations because of your fixed sign qualities. But just imagine, we are sitting across from each other and I ask you this question: Why are you self sabotaging? Why do you feel like you're not enough hence nobody is enough. I know the general human population can be shitty at times but carrying that responsibility can be heavy on ones shoulders -- especially yours! Forgive yourself for trusting others so quickly, for not knowing, for assuming, and for not seeing, for not believing. You are human and you are still growing and learning. The standards that we live in and programmed in are not fair because human perfection is rooted in imperfection. Write a love letter to yourself and how you see you in a loving way. This will shift this self doubt.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

My dear Pisces, Many times we take on the stress of those we love and care for. We see it as the ultimate sacrifice. But we tend to forget that when we do take on the stress for others, you are also sending to another. It's an energetic exchange. Ironically, the way energy and the universe work makes this a very counterproductive way of operating. When we take on the burdens of others, not only do we deny them the ability to learn and grow on their own, but you are also transferring that burden to another. And guess what happens? It comes back ten fold and then becomes a cyclical pattern. Ask yourself this month if your recent and future choices will make an impact in your life that will raise your vibration or lower it down. This stems from your own foundation that you are unable to be enough hence to why you take others burden or even take be taken advantage. This is not true that you're not enough because you are. Your fears and doubts keep you separated from this truth. Once you accept and believe that you are perfect and worthy, the tendency to make yourself invaluable to others. Life is about opportunities and not about opportunists. Embrace your worth.

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May You Be Your Miracle,



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