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With new moon in Taurus arrives on the 11th of May 2021 at 12PM PST, it helps us embark our journey to creativity and artistic abilities. It is also about prioritizing and refocusing on the self to heal areas that are way deeper than the surface. So if you've been looking for the perfect excuse to make some "me" time. We all have patterns that we learned from our past, the nurtured, inherited and familial. That's a part of being human. What we don't realize is we don't have to resist breaking it down. While Taurus itself is not a big fan of change, it is a dreamy sign that can also bring your visions, albeit through the arts or entrepreneurial aspects of your life.

The moon has different phases, meaning different energies and downloads. La luna goes through cycles that is aligned astrologically on a specific sign. This new moon is in Taurus is also about you being in control and making decisions for yourself. An energy that you will not be told what to do, who to be, how to act, whether it’s coming from your know-it-all energies or family. It's breaking that cycle of codependency issues that we need to please others or the societal norms that were put upon us. With the Age of Aquarius energy that is the era of embracing the inner weirdness and individualizing the self, you are also inspiring the collective to do the same.

This new moon energy is also about kicking back, relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. The last full moon cycle was all about switching gears while the general collective get their bearings; and instead of joining the Mars-Scorpio aggressive emotions, the light workers and working empaths are shifting their focus to manifesting their goals and really moving towards the calm rather than the outer chaos. If you have dealt with a rollercoaster of emotions from others, imbalance of power and even unnecessary gossip -- thank the Super full moon in Scorpio for that shift! It was about illuminating the true colors of others, and to make mindful choices to continue or cut cords.

Now it's time for that calming new moon and geared towards what make us feel good. And when you feel good on the inside, it shows on the outside as well! If you have worked on yourself, you’ll feel a boost in confidence in who you are and how you look, attracting the right kind of vibration for you. You know your worth, and you’ll accept nothing less than someone treating you like a queen or king, whether it’s a new flame or your long-term partner for my singles out there! ;)

Now how will this impact your zodiac sign? It will impact all, but Taurus and Scorpio will feel it the most. Never wrong to do some mindful and intuitive work so you can you figure out what does and doesn’t work for you. Here's a quick vision of this new moon energy per zodiac sign:

Note: Please also check your moon sign. If you do not know your chart, you can check out our natal chart services.

Aries: Boundaries, Aries. Your impulsive sentiments and nature are holding you back from winning the prize. Rather than acting out in a moment of passion, hone in the drama and unnecessary need to be needed, so plan your next moves strategically and be kind to your words and actions. Right now, your mind is fixed on finding ways to boost your savings account and bring more material pleasures into your life. This will ensure that you make the right moves to get the desired result. You deserve to live the good life and you know it, Aries.

Taurus: Omg stop with the moping Taurus, you're fucking worth it! Your visual and the need to see tangibility self will probably need a shift -- time for you to change your look and evolve your presence. This planetary alignment is asking you to trust yourself and the universe, so be as bold as you are pragmatic as you plot your next moves. This lunation is bringing all the best parts of Taurus season into the spotlight, which means that you really have a chance to shine.

Gemini: The Aries season got you on over drive that you have burned yourself out! Tune out the outside noise and focus on healing your heart and soul. There’s only one thing this new moon is asking of you, Gemini, and that’s to slow down and pamper yourself. The cosmic conditions are ripe for doing soul-searching, but you can only take advantage of this introspective moment if you’re willing to spend some time alone and do some journaling and reflecting. The ability to share is there once you heal.

Cancer: As the nurturer of the zodiac, you are always one to want to bring transformation for the better to those who need a helping hand. But this new moon is asking you to step back for a moment, and look at the ways you can offer your unique gifts and talents to the world. Think on a more global level during this luminary. Ask yourself: How can you heal the world or implement growth? You already bring a deep sense of nurturing to the people in your inner circle, but imagine how healing it would be if you offered that up to your community. Use this lunar energy to give back — you’ll get tenfold in return.

Leo: This new moon is fixing your focus on work, Leo, and it’s asking if you’re truly satisfied and happy with your career path. We all know you're about passion. A professional opportunity is giving you speed toward achieving your career goals.What does your intuition tell you about what’s next? If you want to steer your ship in a new direction, this lunation brings you an auspicious chance to make fresh connections, seize sudden opportunities, or try something new in your professional life. Before you pass the endeavor by, assess why you're saying "no." Fear may be holding you back from attaining success. Be more positive. Don't let anyone or anything stand in your way!

Virgo: This new moon asks you to embrace those off-the-beaten-path interests and pursue some fresh knowledge in order to enhance your life. It’s okay if it’s not the most practical subject or doesn’t align with your current goals. Sometimes simply following our excitement is a more effective way to approach life. Because, new adventures and philosophies are on the way, forcing you to expand your horizons! The moment you allow yourself to step out of the box and embrace situations that you've never experienced before, the better your mercurial mind will feel. Free your mind and open yourself up to new possibilities!

Libra: It’s time to honor your energy and intuition, Libra, and get real about the energetic connections you’ve formed with others especially in the recent past. If a situation or relationship has felt draining to you, this new moon brings a powerful chance to set boundaries for yourself to protect your energy. Being able to express your desires to the people closest to you, even if it’s scary in the moment, will ultimately make your bonds stronger. And yes Libra, this will give you the balance that you love and deserve.

Scorpio: Instead of focusing on past drama in relationships, look toward creating a fresh start with the person you're partnered up or about to be partnered up with. You have a chance to turn over a new leaf in your love life now, Scorpio, so capitalize on this lunar opportunity to ask your partner for exactly what you need.You may consider having a heart-to-heart with them. Finding a middle ground is key, as you will both be able to connect on a deeper level and start anew. emember, there’s more room for pleasure in partnerships when both parties are willing to be practical, so take initiative and clear the air of any drama so you can fully focus on the fun stuff.

Sagittarius: Work is picking up under this new moon, Sagittarius, and thankfully, you’ve got the motivation you need to keep up. It's also time for you to elevate your daily routine. Get outside and breathe in the warm fresh air. WFH? Go to a park and work there if it's possible. Enjoy the season by partaking in activities that will take you out of your home during the day. When you are clear-minded and taking care of the self, you make headway on your goals and get ahead of the game at work.

Capricorn: This earthy new moon is lighting up your pleasure zone, Capricorn, so get busy with opening that heart and sacral chakra! It’s a lucky time to open your heart to love and get sensual with your feelings. This easygoing influx of creative energy and flirtatiousness is the spiritual boost you’ve been waiting for, and by the evening, you'll be grateful that you took a chance on love when they are sleeping in your arms.

Aquarius: Sometimes we just need to slow down and nourish ourselves, Aquarius — and that’s the vibe this new moon is asking you to embrace. When you are taking care of you, it also teaches you to shift your personal beliefs, making you more open than usual to new views. It is your era now, Aquarius and it's teaching you to hear others out and allow yourself the flexibility to augment your ideals. You may become more progressive and fanatical than before, but that is all a part of evolving with the new fundamentals of the world, thanks to your energy!

Pisces: Pisces, so expect to be a busy bee for a few days surrounding this lunation. Make sure to make that a reason for you to temporarily turn your phone off and take the day off to focus on yourself. You'll need that because of the influx of social energy will inspire you to make new connections, have inspiring conversations with friends, and perhaps even find new ways to express yourself at work — so go with the hustlin’ and bustlin’ flow and enjoy the good vibes.

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