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This week's astrological shift (22 May - 28 May 2022)

We are encouraged to be the best versions of ourselves, be confident, and believe in yourself.

Last weeks' energetic shift from the lunar eclipse plus Mercury retrograde was intense but necessary, and now we’re welcoming Gemini season! This will be an easier week even though Mercury retrograde shifted into stubborn Taurus on the 22nd, this taught us to slow things down or the conversations won’t go anywhere. On Monday the 23rd, the sun connects with generous Jupiter, helping people to collaborate and see each others perspectives.

On Tuesday the 24th, the Sun in chatty and data obsessed Gemini makes a sextile to expanding and study driven Jupiter, while Venus in Aries connects with Saturn in Aquarius — but what the fuck does that mean? This is a great time for shifting and reconstructing your relationships in work, family and love. Even with this retrograde, this conjunction during first few days is going to help you see how you can navigate this week. Be bold, fiery in the most Geminian energy as possible — light hearted, full of gumption and fun.

On Wednesday, the 25th, conversations today may change courses that can alter your decisions. Be an investigator, and listen — you will see other peoples intentions and goals. This will help you figure out where you’re heading, and help you with your desired destination.

On the 27th, Venus in Aries is clashing with Pluto, expecting some shifts, also illuminating those power dynamics that have been imbalanced. Surfacing this will help this Gemini energy to change and transform it, may it be new management or an opportunity for you to be in a managerial role, depending on the circumstances you are in. Geminis are known for embracing change, and it will teach you to accept whatever needs to evolve in and out of your life.

On the 28th, take a deep breath for the astrological side of things bring harmony to the tangible world. If weekends are available, get outside and embrace nature when Venus comes back to Taurus. Sunday, the 29th there’s a new cycle with aggressive Mars meeting expansive Jupiter — meaning this is a chance for you to pursue your dreams for the next two years.

This week we are encouraged to be the best versions of ourselves, be confident, and believe in yourself. Maybe reflect on your limiting beliefs, and how we can break down these walls in order to break free from the mental and physical restraints we thought is unchangeable.


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