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This week's astrological shift June 6 - 12, 2022

Remember that we’re still in retro shade, so be forgiving to yourself and others.

Slow down, be prepared to be focus on the nitty gritty this week from June 6 til the 12th. If you catch yourself to rush your projects at work or the creative department, breathe and slow down. Double check what you’re doing especially if this would have any financial, health, safety and stability impact. You can say no this week rather than the “jump-how-high” mentality on things you may not give your 100% to. And for those who choose to carefully and mindfully do their work, that could give you the accolades to go with your attention to detail.

Saturn went retrograde on the 4th, just right after when Mercury went direct. This is to remind us that we have no control over situations, and you just gotta smile and adjust. Learn from the lessons we picked up from Mercury retrograde, and practice proper discernment before rushing into things.

This week’s romance department sector’s theme is - expect the unexpected, and change is apparent when Venus travels together with unpredictable Uranus. Your love life may open up new paths of opportunities that may seem like that came out of left field, or even taking a detour. If your current relationships have been on limbo, these shifts might help you to evolve it.

For the singles, try to get yourself out there now that mercury retrograde is direct, Venus and tech savvy Uranus is there to help you have fun. The coupled may feel creative and experimental when it comes to the bedroom and travel. So take advantage of this opportunity as well.

Remember that we’re still in retro shade, so be forgiving to yourself and others. If you like this reading, make sure to go to the to read more of the General Astrological Reading and check the tarot Tuesday reading in text form tomorrow!


You can do Manifestation work all this week because it is Gemini season. Here are the products we suggest for this energy:

Need some extra love and prosperity? Miracle Marketplace has you covered! Our candles are infused with specific herbs and essential oils to promote individual needs.

Mahal for love

Diwa for spirituality

Payapa for peace

Silang for Rebirth and Change

Ban tay for Protection

Introducing our crystal & herb infused soap: Lahat Linis Soap. 
Vegan and cruelty free, this soap was first manifested during Leo Season, Lions Gate. In the spiritual realm, cleansing the body from energies that no longer serve us is needed for light workers. A bath ritual with crystal, herbs and spell oils have always been recommended for us to ground, focus on ourselves to be of better service to others.
Crystals are: Rose Quartz, Tigers Eye, Amethyst and Black Obsidian, to bring in protection, heightened intuition, and love. Herbs are Lavender and Rose, with spells oils concocted with organic lavender essential oil. 

If you liked this reading, please don't forget to support our small store full of magical things like sprays, oils, herbs, and accessories!

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