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What To Expect During This Full Moon

Bring it on super blood flower moon! The first Eclipse of 2021 is near. This full Moon will be on Wednesday morning, May 26, 2021 at 7:14 a.m. EDT. And when I say this is going to be intense, that is an understatement. Feeling a little tired, my empath? We got the planetary alignments to thank for that! Mercury is going retrograde on the 29th, Saturn and Pluto are currently on retrograde.

The good news is, with the full moon and eclipse being in the sign of free spirited Sagittarius during Gemini season, this teaches us to broaden our horizons and expand our knowledge that will turn to wisdom. A wise person once said, don't dwell on your mistakes - instead don't forget about the lessons that becomes a tool in your skillset. This energy is also pushing us to move forward to our personal freedom which is such a Sag thing to do! The last full moon probably shed light on a lot of hidden personalities and habits from you and also within your attachments/connections. Spirit led you to see that to make decisions that will be healthy for your mind, mental health and soul. Remember that you are being watched over to not disempower you, but instead to inspire you to become the best version of you.

The beauty of this Sagittarius energy, it teaches us to ignite the fire to illuminate the light when we are working on our shadow phase. Most empaths had to go through a dark period during the last new moon and especially the pink full moon in Scorpio. If you chose to embrace that, this will be an easier ride on the 26th. That illumination only helped you to cut the cords from past previous cycles. For those lightworkers who embraced the path of surrendering during that period will only give you a chance to reap the rewards from spirit. Trust that the universe is leading you to the right direction, and whatever is meant for you will never leave and if it does -- remember that rejection is Spirits protection. Let's see what the guides want you to focus on this full moon:

Note: Please also check your moon sign. If you do not know your chart, you can check out our natal chart services.

Aries: I know that spontaneity sounds pretty good right now so you can retreat from external forces. I hate to say this but, hold off for now. Exploring an out of town trip that will require you to spend coin, and connect and stimulate you to new things and probably new energies will only distract you. What was the point of you recharging if that was the main purpose of you disconnecting from the outside world? 😂 Retreating to your own sacred space at home will help you ground and connect with the self. The great news about this is, while you're in the comforts of your own self connection, you can manifest a grander trip for you because traveling is on the horizon during Summer and Fall for Aries.

Taurus: The bulls' love language is the art of giving. Your success develops on how you invest your time, energy, and emotions. Use your discernment where you put your investments and it shouldn't be draining your wallet. This is a great time to set your healthy boundaries, and wait for the right opportunity to share your amazing ideas and vision to your loved ones! Taurus, it's okay break from your usual routine. I promise, change is going to be great for you. Everyday you have a chance to evolve.

Gemini: Happy Birthday Gemini! You're shining during this season and I know, your ruler mercury is going on retrograde just like last year. No need to fret, Gem! With Saturn and Pluto in retro as well, this is a great time for you. There's an energetic shift that pulls you toward your closest relationships to reflect upon them. A huge shift happened or is about to happen for you, where you decide or have decided to write off situations and people that won't be a part of your next chapter. You're not the same, you have grown and have appreciated the lessons. And because of that, new connections await you. They are manifesting you.

Cancer: Embrace your vulnerable self and your sensitivities, Cancer! Don't let this outdated societal norm of sucking it up be the reason to suck the energy out of you. So the fuck what if you feel deeply, allow that to happen! Trust your intuition, take care of you in a way that best supports your overall wellness. Allow yourself to feel spiritually and blend the logical and practical side of your soul. Prioritize you for once cancer, you can't empathize with everyone and leave yourself with nothing. Guess what? Everybody has stressors. It will never end. It only takes 10 minutes to do a quick meditation. Do it.

Leo: Time to expand my dear Leo. Expansion for self care and your social circle is on the horizon. When you're waking up to new ideas for a project, a business - write it down! You're tapping into your creativity and in the process releasing fears and inhibitions that no longer serves your higher purpose. Be inspired to get inspired! This is prime time for you to manifest what you want to attract, as long as you are clear about what you truly desire. It can come true when you have the purest intentions. Time to write that shit down, Leo!

Virgo: I know you're not one for clout Virgo, but let me tell you something about that positive recognition you're about to get during this season -- it's pretty fucking amazing. Work, personal and love life is going to be amazing for you as long as you're clear with your true desires. Now is not the time fuck this up Virgo by over thinking, let it grow so you can glow. Now there will be some familial tensions that could change your dynamics and even home front. This is just a part of the growth process, don't sweat it. Every body has differences of opinion and as much as we want to fix it, sit this one down and watch it unfold especially if it doesn't involve you.

Libra: Libra, your manifesting powers are off the chain this season. I kid you not, so be very concise and precise on what you want when you say things out loud. Which is why keep an open ear and only open your mouth when it's ONLY necessary. Because this season is teaching you to broaden your horizons when it comes learning experiences. So keep an open mind, Libra. Even what you are thinking, make sure you are visualizing a better future for you rather than looking back at past mistakes. The past is a lighthouse not a port!

Scorpio: Learn the difference between your wants and needs, Scorpio. This is about intimacy and finances. There are meaningful changes on the horizon for you, but be completely transparent (but not too brash cause that can be your undoing) about what you need in order to be vulnerable which I know can be quite tough for you. Plus, we all know that financial valuables that are tangible is nothing but the bow to success. Read the wealthy barber. :)

Sagittarius: Prepare and brace yourself for unexpected changes, Sag. This full moon is going to turn your world upside down. These turn of events may seem to come out of the blue, but believe me this is led by Spirit to take you out of your comfort zone. You may feel the desire to stay at home and sulk, but don't. This is time for you to reflect upon the decisions in the past, truly repairing the damages from patterns and an opportunity for you to really appreciate the lessons that are given to you.

Capricorn: Ok, so your manifestations are taking forever Cap. But law of attraction requires a deeper understanding to bring your dreams to life. Sometimes, it's the littlest things that can block you from those goals. Parting ways with these pains you've been harboring within will just open doors to opportunity. But don't fret or feel guilty about it either, because you're only human. Dedicate time to develop a stronger comprehension of your belief system and release what feels stuck. You'd be able to understand the weight of your influence better when it comes to your law of attraction. There shouldn't be force nor pressure in manifesting either 😉

Aquarius: Your innate sense of not conforming to what society tells us is quite fucking admirable, Aqua. Guess what happens when you're just yourself? You become creative and that creates a spark within the collective! You just need to be heard, seen and felt Aquarius. And I'm going to tell you now, not all are going to be happy about this. Meaning, be mindful on who you spend time with and where you give your energy to. It's time to call upon your connections that understand your visions and goals when it comes to life.

Pisces: Career and personal sector is experiencing a critical shift Pisces, where you may not expect. But that's okay, try not to bury yourself with external judgements. That he-said-she-said situations do not have to involve you is only going to drive you insane. Listen to your own advice and your own intuition. These changes are encouraging you to focus on career goals that are more in line with your dreams and your vibration Pisces! Don't feel like you're being left behind when you have rejected offers in the past, try to stay positive because things are cooking up and heating up for you!

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