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What to expect: Full Moon in Gemini 2021

Cue Nsync's "Bye, bye, bye!" The full moon in Gemini opposes the sun in Sagittarius on the 18th of December at 27 degrees. In numerology, this creates an energy of “9”, that represents transformations, completing cycles and spiritual wisdom.

Full moons are about endings, tying up loose ends, working inwards. Since this is the last lunation of 2021, this is great energy to reflect on the year of what you’ve accomplished, and what you have learned in order to have the wisdom to intuitively know what to bring in the new cycle and year. The theme is to let go of the past with no resentment and appreciate it for what it is. That Gemini energy is all about releasing old perspectives of the world that doesn’t fit into our lives nor make sense to carry this baggage anymore. This release will help us move forward to the next chapter of your life.

This potentially transformative full moon combined with the number 9 energy, advises each and everyone of us to work inward and look at our experiences to bring awareness in the role that we played not only in our challenges and accomplishments. Since this is the full moon in the Mercurial sign of Gemini, you may expect the energy of communication, how we process information and how we do our own research. In true Gemini fashion, they are known to overthink, and yet quick to receiving and retaining key data.

Very cerebral due to being a ruler of Mercury and its dual nature, Geminis are the “fire” sign amongst the air elements. They are driven by passion, newness and the desire to learn before making any conclusions. They are also known for being the catalyst of change and thrive in it.As quick witted this Gemini energy is, be willing to also cater the chameleon like aspect, by expecting that this can go any way: which twin of yours is going to show up these next few days? How are you going to embrace that shift and be okay to shed light on the parts you need to illuminate?

During this full moon, think about how you mentally stimulate you acquired through your own self studies, relationships and connections. Essentially, this is the time for us to embrace these Geminian qualities - be curious how you think and process! It teaches us to use discernment, and release the unnecessary patterns and habits in order to welcome a new layer of yourself. This Gemini full moon will allow you to close chapters and doors easily, preparing ourselves for the rebirth of La luna once again.

Be thankful despite the hurdles. In the truest and empowered Gemini energy, they don’t hold grudges and stay in a negative space, they shift and evolve to another version of themselves. So be the catalyst for your own growth and change these next few days. The good news is, this shift is light hearted and adaptable!

  • Signs who will feel this deeply: Virgo, Gemini, Pisces and Sagittarius placements.

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for full moon in Gemini 2021


Adjust and adapt how you communicate in ways you understand others clearly that can reframe how they understand you. Expect opportunities of ascension in your career.












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