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Your 2022 Horoscope is Here!

Ready for your glow up, empath? 2022 is an auspicious year to transform yourself. This is the year that you will get the opportunity to shift your path in order to thrive, and new prospects that can lead to your abundance in your career, personal relationships, and spirituality.

When we look at the number 2022 = 222, it signifies as an omen of good things to come. This number also represents good luck, fortune and immense joy. If your life path number is 2, or your birthday has significance of 2, 22, 2/2, 2/22 - then expect a wave of opportunities that can come to you unexpectedly.

Our destiny is changing most especially if you are consistently working on healing the wounds of the past, meaning that 2022 can also bring up past patterns that we try to keep hidden from ourselves in order to finally purge the remaining pain in order to empower ourselves. So if you've been putting off, and going through an internal battle to end toxic relationships, expect this years eclipses to do that for you, effortlessly.

We start the year with pre-shadow of Mercury retrograde while Venus is in retrograde til the 29th of January as well. Venus rules and represents the energy of love, beauty, and abundance, while Mercury rules communication, contracts and technology. During this period with Mercury and Venus Retrograde, you may feel challenged when it comes to navigating communication and relationships. As a result, we feel more frustrated and secluded than the usual. Because Venus is associated with money and Mercury with contracts, this can be rather taxing to collect invoices from clients and/or customers. Make sure to double check these documents before sending as well. It's also ill-advised to make significant changes to your appearance while Venus is in retrograde, and drawing/signing contracts during Mercury retrograde. While we recommend extra self-care practices during the first month of the year, it is advised to wait until February before risking a new 'do and look when both planets go direct (Venus on the 29th, Mercury on Feb. 3). It's okay to slow down, breathe and work in.

Speaking of Mercury, there are four illuminating and necessary retrogrades in 2022. Besides Capricorn season, it goes retrograde again from May 10 and goes direct on Friday, June 3. Be very forgiving when it comes to yourself and the collective for since it touches with Venus ruled Taurus, see a different perspective rather than staying stuck and stubborn when it comes to ideals and norms. The third Mercury retrograde of 2022 occurs on September 9 during mercury ruled Virgo season, and goes direct Venus ruled Libra, on Sunday, October 2. Be wary that these times can also bring exes back from the dead, but don't allow yourself to be pulled back into any toxic patterns that don't serve your greatest good, and also a great reminder that you buried the past for a reason. The final Mercury retrograde of the year begins on December 29, and lasts through January 18. So, prepare to celebrate the New Year with a Mercury retrograde in place that can lead you to nostalgia. While it's okay to look back, remember it has helped you to be where you're supposed to be at this very present moment. Retrogrades are not a bane of our existence; think of it as a check in when it comes to the different aspects and roles we play in our lives.

The cosmos of 2022 are giving us four wild eclipses, that can bring unexpected endings and beginnings. Wounds may reappear as if you're ripping the band aid quickly and swiftly. A great way to look at these eclipses is an opportunity gifted from the universe to pushing you to become the best version of yourself.

Eclipses of 2022:

  • Solar eclipse on 04/30,

  • Lunar eclipse on 05/16,

  • Solar eclipse on 10/25,

  • Lunar eclipse on 11/8

During eclipses, it is suggested to not manifest and charge your crystals. It is much more working in as La Luna goes through her own transformation, representing our own rebirth as well. These Taurus-Scorpio axis based eclipses, motivate us to make our dreams come to fruition by identifying which relationships need to nurtured and which ones are a waste of time and investment. While eclipses can be erratic and stressful, this is a good reminder to stay in on these dates and double down on self-care.

2022 is the year of discovering yourself and the community that has the same vibration as you.

If you think 2021 went by quickly, wait until you experience this upcoming year. Last year’s theme of enormous shifts spills into 2022. While the Saturn-Uranus square that created so much transformation in our lives doesn’t repeat, it does get activated by the Nodes of Destiny moving into Taurus and Scorpio so do look into your birth chart and see if you have placements in these two signs. Life will be incredibly accelerated swiftly and quickly. The cosmos and the universe will require us to actualize our hopes and dreams to keep up with the ebbs and flows of this new era.

Before we end 2021, ask yourself, Did I take full advantage of every opportunity that came to me? Did I make sincere efforts to make improvements in my life and others? With hardworking Saturn in unconventional and unique Aquarius this whole year, you may have had spurts of creative ideas to make the world a better place, based from your own experience and what you see in the outside world.

We are being asked to consciously talk about our collective and individual hopes and dreams, during the year ahead, nothing will be too crazy or too wild to become a reality. With master manifester Jupiter incredibly well placed in Pisces for most of the year, our ability to attract not only comes back, but the opportunity to access our manifestations will be multiplied by Jupiter’s April 12 rare conjunction with glamorous Neptune. As a collective this combination will bring back a surge of creativity, abundance, and compassion to our world. Staying grounded and practicing healthy boundaries will be key to making the best of this inspirational merge.


Your 2022 Yearly Zodiac Reading

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

2022 is your an prosperous year for you Aries, as abundance is on the horizon. But be wary of burning bridges too quickly. 2022 is a year for celebrating life, and your inner circle is ready to celebrate you.

Your inner life is about to get so much richer, Aries. As the guru planet, Jupiter, spends the year toggling between your twelfth house of spirituality and your first house of self, you’re starting a new cycle of growth. While standing in that liminal space between the present and the future may feel like being in suspended animation, you might develop an interest in some of life’s deeper mysteries. Your sense of spirituality will be enhanced, so don’t hesitate to explore topics that spark your curiosity. Lastly, consider doing volunteer work. Because now, the more you give, the more you will get!

As the first and youngest sign of the zodiac, you impatiently insist on getting your way (and usually do) like the Ram that you are. If your love life feels at a stand-still or a blah, expect some changes when Venus goes direct on January 29. When Venus, the planet of romance, is in retrograde, working through relationship issues can feel like navigating your way without a GPS. Thankfully, the planet goes direct just in time for Valentine's Day, so be your bold and blunt Aries self and tell your person exactly what you want this year.

Start making that birthday/manifesting list before Aries season begins. As a fire sign, you feed on attention, and that's not a bad thing to ask every now and then. You deserve to feel special during your birthday because you are. You're optimistic, brave, and your determined energy inspires others to do the same -- you're a motivator for a reason. When Mercury the planet of messages, enters your sign on the 27th, where it will stay until April 10, you'll find that communication flows easier than the usual and a clear sense of thinking. Your friends and lovers text back swiftly.

Use the new moon in your sign on April 1st, by listing of goals for your professional life. Don't be lazy on this and procrastinate, because you are able to manifest some money moves. This would be a great opportunity to immerse yourself with this new moon to welcome new beginnings for your solar return. Venus enters your sign on May 2nd, and will stay until the 28th. Venus rules romance, beauty and abundance. So if you're going to ask for a raise or promotion, May is the perfect month, as goddess Venus says you deserve to earn what you're worth.

Abundance continues to be a theme for you, Aries, when Lucky planet Jupiter enters your sign on May 10th, where it will stay until Friday, October 28th. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, travel, and higher learning. During these months, wealth may come easier than usual. While you are being asked to refrain from being overly pushy, and aggressive, remember that you must ask for what you want in order to receive. Express your professional ambitions and desired salary to the people who matter, and keep fighting until you get what you deserve. You know how to do it, you're the ruler of the God of war, Mars for a reason.

Your ruling planet enters your sign on May 24th, where it will stay until July 5th, adding even more firepower to your winning streak. While Mars in Aries will make it even easier to assert yourself, be wary of becoming overly competitive or aggressive. As an Aries, you don't mind burning bridges from time to time. However, an evolved Aries knows when to unleash hell and when to cooperate in order to negotiate.

2022 ends on a lucky note for you when Jupiter re-enters your sign on December 20th, showering you once again with opportunities of abundance. Tis the season to have an attitude of gratitude for all the blessings this year brought your way, and promise to stay safe and have fun.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

The name of the game is transformation as this year’s focus requests that you let go of your old self so a new version of you can emerge.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)


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