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Your Extended Reading

We bid goodbye to the deep and emotional energy of Scorpio, but we end our 2021 with the free spirited, feisty and optimistic Sagittarius. If you haven't seen our short reads on our instagram reels , here's our extended text version of the reading!

Significant Dates:

  • December 4: New Moon (Total Solar Eclipse) in Sagittarius

  • December 18: Full Moon in Gemini

  • December 19: Venus Retrograde in Capricorn

  • December 21: Sun enters Capricorn

  • December 28: Jupiter enters Pisces

Before we start, what can we expect during this Sagittarius season? The 4th of December was a solar eclipse that can bring people from the past wanting to reconnect and also new connections. Eclipses (lunar/solar) can be chaotic at times, filled with erratic emotions from the outside world and also within our internal space. It may not be for the faint of heart they say, however, just like any retrogrades we have faced over the years, it is workable, learnable and functional.

Generally, the sign of Sagittarius is a freeing sign that has the ability move forward quickly, an optimal time to travel and/or plan future adventures, the willingness to explore and cultivate the bluntness and frankness of this energy. One thing to be mindful of is to not over push your boundaries and lead yourself to the unknown blindly. This is the best time to focus on what you have been manifesting for a while or even a month before this illumination, and not making new intentions during the eclipse season. Review the year about what you've experienced through journaling, write down what you have learned and immerse yourself with a grateful energy rather than the hateful -- and that's how you materialize the law of attraction.

On the 18th, Full moon will be in Mercury ruled Gemini, that will tense up as it bridges with Neptune in Pisces (to look more about your placements, click here). This connection will make communication rather challenging, so be wary and be mindful with assumptions and do listen, be forgiving and be compassionate towards yourself and others. In the the 4D world, try practicing cognitive behavioral therapy during this illumination. Use rational mind rather than emotional mind.

Ruler of love and relationship Venus will be in retrograde on the 19th, use the next few weeks to reflect on what happened back 8 years ago (2013), in order to have a concise read and gain clarity on how to proceed with this energy. Shake ups, break ups, ex returning and financial shifts can occur during this season. Delay any major self makeovers until Venus goes direct. The good news is Venus retrograde is in Capricorn that is more grounding and will move us toward stability.

But don't fret, while there are some challenging energy surrounding the collective, Jupiter, the planet of luck will move from Aquarius to dreamy Pisces that will support everyones growth, dreams, and optimistic expansion. Always remember, astrology is just a guideline and we can always shift predictions and readings to wherever we are needed to be in. Let's start with the reading!

Tarot/Horoscope Reading

Check your Sun, Moon, Rising & Venus


We started this month with the new moon and a solar eclipse in Sagittarius. Your ninth house, which is the energy of higher education, travel, writing, legal matters, and beliefs. This will help you form a close connection with a solar eclipse, that will help you initiate important conversations in agreements in your career and personal life. You may have opportunities to communicate abroad, receiving another work opportunity elsewhere, or seeking teaching opportunities and even continuing education.

The full moon in Gemini will affect your 3rd house of communication, travel, close relationships and even contracts. This energy will trigger important conversations that will lead you to finalize and change work relationships. Keep a lookout on your emails and even your social media, you may never know the opportunities that you might miss!

During the Venus retrograde in Capricorn, focus on your work and professional career. Reassess your finances, and your connections when it comes to your work. Be mindful and executing aesthetic-based changes in personal and professional aspects of your life. Wait and just plan until Venus goes direct on January 29.

Tarot: Knight of Pentacles - 9 of cups - 10 of pentacles

An offer may come to you this month, that can lead you to success and abundance. Practice the art of receiving and do not doubt by over worrying too much. This month should be focused on what can happen rather than what can go wrong. Focus on the realistic solutions rather than the emotionally reacted problems. If you are just geared to how frustrating a challenge is rather than taking the steps to your abundance, you may miss the opportunity to change your personal/professional conundrum. Now is not the time to be irrational, it's time to grow up and embrace what comes for you, not to you.



Imagine the after shock of a tsunami-esque tidal wave during the lunar eclipse on your sign. Especially if your moon sign is in Taurus, how you have responded to news, great and not so very great has changed. See Taurus, change isn't so bad after all! Get ready because you are going through some major overhaul that will help you see the world differently and the world seeing you in a different light as well. This cycle starts now til the latter of 2023.

The second week of December will be about experimenting with fresh ideas that can lead to abundance. May it be about love or career, just make sure you jot every idea you get on your phone or journal. This is just in time for the Full moon in Gemini on the 18th that is in your 2nd house that rules finances, self worth and confidence. Expect new information coming to you and make sure to, again, write things down as this can be a part of your wisdom.

The day after the full moon, your ruler, Venus will be in retrograde from Dec. 19- Jan. 29, focusing on your spirituality, knowledge, travel that correlates to the full moon energy you will be gifted. You may experience love in a foreign place if you're traveling, rekindling a past or dwindling connection. Put yourself out there for you are about to make new connections during the month of December.


6 of wands - Hierophant - 9 of pentacles

After an uphill battle in your personal life, you have truly learned the lessons of each experience you have had. This has taught you to shift your knowledge as wisdom that you can share to people who are willing to be helped (we don't fix people, Taurus. Remember that). Because of all the challenges you have faced, you are now receiving a gift from the universe that can help you gain more prosperity and abundance.



Such a powerful time for you during the season of your opposite sign, Sagittarius! Be prepared for a career and personal glow up if it hasn't started in late November already. Time to be authentic and impeccable with your word as the full moon on December truly helped you kickstart your ascension when it comes to your spiritual awakenings and interpersonal relationships.

You've experienced some major shifts and changes since June 2020, and for those experiences you should be thankful. This full moon on the 18th in your sign Gemini is focused on your 1st house, that is related to your identity while Sun is in Sagittarius that focuses on the 7th house which is related to your relationships. Some of you may meet a new love prospect or deepening a bond of a current relationship, and even turning a situationship to a relationship.

With Venus going retrograde on the 19th in Capricorn, that is about your finances and resources. The good news is, this will teach you to find stability and structure. It is also about deep commitments and marriage, so best to prep yourself for some changes and accept that things can change for you. The end of the month will give you some enlightenment due to fresh ideas, and opportunities once again - a little preview of how abundant your life will be in 2022.


6 of cups - Hierophant - King of Cups - The Sun

Offers are coming, can be a love from the past, a reconnection from a "friend" or connections in your career is favorable. This comes with more opportunities for you to learn more so you can teach more and reach people with your shared wisdom. This will teach you to balance not only the affairs of the heart but also in business and work. You are light and airy this season and crossing over that bridge with true greener pastures.



The first three weeks of the month all about priorities: being concise, diligent and then taking the necessary steps to get the job done. There is no time for procrastination, Cancer. This mundane focus for the holiday season will help you get your ducks in a row. Prepare to become busy and more motivated to make changes and adjustments for the next six months. This could be anything from starting a new way of caring for your health, new ideas and ending the toxic cycles you have been harboring on since June 2020.

The full moon on the 18th will focus on your hidden truth. This is also activating your work and day-to-day routine with the Sagittarius Sun in opposition to the Moon, teaching you to change your work strategy that can inspire other colleagues to do the same. This is optimal time for you to change your mindset and shift your goals instead of just focusing on how you feel and how it frustrates you. Be the catalyst for change, Cancer. You're a cardinal sign FFS.

Venus, the ruler of material gains, love, beauty, and relationships, turns retrograde in structured Capricorn. This is a great opportunity to sit with yourself and reflect what makes you feel loved and valued. Remember, love languages can evolve in every phase of your life. Maybe take a test to see if you feel secure when it comes to the matters of the heart. What does this crab need in order to transform this relationship/situationship? Be open to communicate.


The world - Queen of wands - 6 of Cups

Ending a toxic cycle will teach you to stand in your power. Remember that you are also worth the transformation as the world evolves with you. Offers are coming in because of your newly found confidence in the self. Stay focused! Be wary of exes popping up during the Venus Retrograde. You only come back with an old flame when you see each other completely different, changed and mostly healed from the past wounds.



Lighten the F* up, Leo! Tis the season to just take things merry and jolly! This Sun in Sagittarius and your joyful, passionate fifth house until December 21, will let other people see how bright you shine that will turn heads in the career and love department.

The solar eclipse brought you a new attraction and could spark up early in the month. Neptune ended its 5 month retrograde in your sensual, intimate eighth house, therefore you could give off all kinds of vibe without realizing it. It only gets hotter once sizzling Mars also enters Sagittarius from December 13 to January 24. If you're single, get ready to mingle. If you're in a monogamous commitment, get ready for your person to look at you like you're a delectable meal.

While Venus will go retrograde on the 19th, stars are advising you to be patient. There are ways to revise delayed goals and plans in the relationship sector. Slow down and recalibrate the plan. You'd be surprised how more amazing it will turn out to be! New beginnings can be bittersweet. This is a highly emotional period, and you might feel a little burned out if you haven’t been making enough time to unwind and have fun. Do the things you enjoy most and spend time with people you love, Leo!


Justice - Ace of Cups - Strength - Ace of Swords

You are receiving karma, and it's a great one. New connections are on its way, and do not forget to be compassionate with yourself and do a self care check when burning out from all these new energies surrounding you. Yes, you may have ended connections that were no longer serving you but guess what? It taught you to be stronger, wiser and actually more influential than ever. In the end, you have finally broken through barriers with so much success on the horizon.



The main focus this month is about home and family life. The new moon in Sagittarius could bring surprising changes to your living situation and family affairs and you can't control this one, Virgo. Honor your needs and desires to find balance, and less control with the external energies that surround you even when it's difficult to do so. You are also being advised to balance your home/work life. Expect some changes in your schedule and be open about it!

Neptune ended its retrograde in Pisces, that activated the relationship sector of your chart. Either an ethereal and dream like energy flows between you and someone special in your heart or some confusion may be in the air, too. Stay grounded if you or a potential partner have had unrealistic expectations from one another. Communication is key in the matters of the heart for it is truly a lovely time to connect and share your fantasies, feelings, and wishes for the future.

A crowning moment comes on December 18, when the year’s only Gemini full moon illuminates your ambitious tenth house, which could bring achievements or a leadership opportunity that wraps up the year for you Virgo, with a neat and perfect (just how you like it) bow. Loads of restructuring and breaking down walls in order to build a better foundation for you this season, embrace this as you mindfully create a plan in doing so.


The Tower - The Moon - King Of Cups - 2 of pentacles

Building from the ground up once again really shook you that might have led you to deal with the dark night of the soul, your shadow. This is time for you to reflect on these choices but no need to be bitter about it, instead accept that these experiences are teaching you to become a better version of yourself. This will teach you how to balance and not over burden yourself with juggling the roles you play in life and over multi tasking.



Your scales are tipping in your favor, Lib! Once that you realized your self worth, you also illuminated your wants and needs. You won't settle for less and you won't take small offers when it comes to your career/home/life/love. Just make sure you don't second guess and become the natural indecisive Libra that you are. The universe is giving you some BDE that you need. The stars are favoring you to shift your mindset because this will change your life not only for the better, but also could lead you to the best years of your life starting in 2022.

The new moon on the 4th focused on your 3rd house that is about communication, marketing and contracts. Because of this abundant energy you are spreading everywhere, a new project and opportunity could lead you to best and important meetings over the next six months that can lead you to mergers, promotions and great negotiations. Imagine that over a year and a half ago, your life has completely changed. And pretty sure most of you, wouldn't want to go back in that sinking hole, right?

The full moon in Gemini will be empowering your 9th house that is about international travel, education or higher forms of learning, and your spiritual awakening. Visiting or planning a visit a far away country is favored during the holidays. Expect an influx of income due to investments in business, property and currency. This is due to the planet of expansion, Jupiter being in Aquarius.


Queen of Pentacles - 9 of pentacles - 9 of cups

Because of you have learned to nurture yourself and replenish your own cup before helping others, you are also creating abundance in order to help family and loved ones. You are about to receive financial independence and prosperity in doing so. Love is also on the horizon that comes with such good intentions. Always remember in order to attract what we want in others, you must feel attractive yourself. The great news is, you are getting opportunities left and right.



Sun is in your second house of priorities and prosperity til December 21. This is a great time to knock those last 2021 agendas and clear your slate before 2021. You’d feel more productive and in return you will see all your hard work pay off when you welcome the new year.

Neptune ended its retrograde in Pisces and your 5th house of passion. So if you’ve been having some issues or have been confused with someone, this may give you more clarity about where you stand and renew passion and attraction once again. The planet of expansion Jupiter moves into Pisces for four months on December 28, therefore a budding romance could transform into something deeper.

There is a Full Moon in Gemini that will light up your 8th house that is about property, shared resources, and finances. New information in these areas of life could present itself, encouraging you to make decisions for your own good. This could be choosing to move, or put more investment into the one you currently own. A positive living situation is on the horizon.

You could start to experience some challenges surrounding communication, especially within relationships On December 19. Venus, the planet ruling over love, beauty, relationships, and balance, will turn retrograde in the grounded earth sign of Capricorn. May it be at work or love, you may experience some challenging conversations in order to move forward. At the end of the day, all actions are meant for you to grow.


Page of Swords (Reversed) - 4 of swords - 3 of cups

Now is not the time to take full throttle with irrational actions. Prioritize what needs to be done, and a great time to just pause and reflect in order to keep the emotional mind at bay. The cards are advising you to rest and not overthink challenging situations and take yourself out of the equation so you don't take things personally. There's light at the end of the tunnel though, Scorpio. By the end of the month, harmony between family and loved ones will improve to put your mind at ease.



Happy birthday, my dearest Sagittarius! You are kicking off your season with a bang. Think of this as an opportunity for a fresh start. Your goals and wishes may have shifted over the past few years and maybe you can write them down in order for it to come to fruition.

Having the eclipse on your sign may have catapulted events in order for you to continue your transformation, giving you to courage to ask what you want and you shall receive. The Full Moon on the 18th brings a whirlwind of emotional connection between you and a significant other. This energy can clarify and clear out your energy. You are being advised to speak about your needs in your personal relationships, or let yourself express your true feelings. Whatever comes to light now is tied to brave new beginnings and end toxic habits.

However, loved ruled planet Venus will turn retrograde in Capricorn and your stabilizing second house, that may disrupt and delay your connections until January 29. Be wary that this six-week cycle, which happens every 18 months, can often be quite challenging and even bring an ex back into the picture while building a new connection. for those who wanted to reconcile, do not rush and make sure you do use your intuition and not the ego when it comes to reconnecting with an old flame.

December is a month of opportunity, avoid trying to "be all" or “do it all” too soon and too quickly. Instead, focus on one or two essential ideas that you know will be fruitful. Enjoy your season for it is all about transformation!


Death - Ace of Pentacles - Justice

This is your rebirth Sagittarius. New ways to come up with financial stability is on the cards as well! Your birthday season is teaching you to embrace the new and really focus on what can help you become abundant in order to have the freedom to travel, have new adventures, set up a new business and even a new romantic connection. Everything that happened "to" you was happening for you after all, Sag. The best comeback and justice you could ever give to yourself is to be successful and happy.



Feeling a little nesting energy, Capricorn? Don't expect to be a couch potato all month because you are going to be social this month of December. Plenty of things to celebrate and you are highly attractive this month as well.

Enjoy this adoring energy for Venus turns retrograde on the 19th, and it's a cycle that lasts through to January 29th, there can be some cooling off, heightened emotions or confusion in love relationships, or this could be a period of review. Regardless things would be smoother and a renewal of affection as Venus stays on your sign til March 6th. More confidence and exuding attraction will flourish your energy once again.

The Gemini full moon on the 18th will beam into your sixth house of wellness, organization and helpful people. You'll definitely see clearly who really is on your side and cheering you on. Think about this shake up as a way to do an early spring clean - it could be a cleanup of your eating habits to organizing your finances and the house, you’re ready for some year-end streamlining! If you’ve been waiting for the results of a medical checkup, you may get your new treatment plan. Try not to play too hard this month and focus more on wellness that can help you rebalance.


The High Priestess - King of Wands - Ace of Swords

You are in your element right now, you maybe feeling more intuitive lately as well. This will teach you to make quick and yet mindful decisions that can lead you to a better and clearer path to the future. You have action, intuition and mental clarity on your side after a foggy 6-7 month journey to unsureity. You know what to do more than you think!



On demand energy for you this December, dear Aquarius. Tis the season to combine efforts with kindred spirits and fellow trailblazers, even if you do it virtually. Connections are likely to be quite fruitful. Particularly from the 9th forward, you have a strong sense of priorities, timing, and pacing.

Mars squares off with Jupiter, which is currently in your sign on December 8. This could bring great momentum toward your professional goals if you don't procrastinate too much about it! It’s a productive time. There may be some arguments or impatience, too, so try to be patient and mindful with your thoughts and words! On December 11 finds Venus and Pluto meeting in Capricorn, stirring up passion. You may be especially private or secretive about your love life (or money) at this time, trying not to jinx anything you have manifested. Mercury and Jupiter connect, creating very helpful, open-minded energy for communication. Good news from abroad may be coming your way.

A creative or romantic interest blossoms or demands attention around the 18th during the full moon in Gemini. Perhaps there’s something you want that you’re having a hard time asking for; you’re figuring out how to express your desires. This is a great time to express that to your significant other.

When Mars enters Sagittarius on the 13th, re-energizing your social life and finding you eager to introduce yourself to new communities. If you’re shy, courageous Mars in Sagittarius will bring you a boost of confidence. It might also find you ending a friendship or leaving a social circle; Mars in Sagittarius has you uninterested in keeping up appearances for the sake of peace but without any unnecessary drama. Mercury also enters Capricorn on December 13, bringing a boost to your intuitive abilities! It could also find you sharing secrets or exploring hidden places with your significant other and friends.

When Mercury mingles with your planet Uranus in Taurus on the 20th, this could bring surprising news! This is a powerful time to express your feelings, and an unexpected change may come about. Capricorn season starts on December 21, putting you in an especially introspective mood. This will be a great opportunity to catch up on quality time with yourself and close connections, or simply rest! Upon this reflection, this could bring an important change in your personal life, home, or family.


Ace of Wands - 3 of cups - Queen of Pentacles

New opportunities and beginnings can lead you to making decisions when it comes to your life. The results of these are favorable and will help you feel nurtured, spiritually nourished and financially stable. Take action.



What an exciting time of year to stand in the public eye, dear Pisces! Achievements in your career are taking place, or you might have your sights set on an exciting new goal! This has been a strange year for you, Pisces—there’s no better way to say it. It was all about putting toxic behaviors to rest and also closure. Jupiter paid a short visit to Pisces from May 13 to July 28 of this year, kicking off a new 12-year chapter of your life. But that was disrupted unceremoniously over the summer. Now you’ve got one more month to take stock of anything you don’t want to bring into 2022—not to mention the next decade of your life!

The solar eclipse in Sagittarius marked the beginning of a radical new start in your career or your life in the public eye. Eclipses have a fated feeling about them, so whatever takes place at this time may seem like destiny or the universe guiding you in a different direction. You could feel confused about something going on at work or in your career, so make time to connect with your inner voice, and be sure that the decisions you make are based on what youthink is best for you, not what other people want. Mars enters Sagittarius on December 13, energizing your career sector; an exciting achievement may be won or you could be embarking on an exciting new career path.


Judgment - The Moon - 4 of coins

Alot of decision making energy is happening this season for you Pisces. What are you taking with you in 2022? The cards are advising you to take inventory of what is essential to your life purpose and what carries you down. You will need to let go and shed some layers that no longer serve your highest good. There's no need to carry all of that baggage any longer, that can create space for opportunities for abundance.


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