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Your July 2022 Astrological shift is here!

Hello Summer, and hello emotional growth! Think about July as an opportunity to emotionally and mentally adult. We are preparing ourselves to believe in our own power, that the things we do, say, and come across is a chance for us to heal areas of our lives that are hidden. Instead of just thinking of challenges as issues, shift into an opportunity to learn something that can make you a better person; even if it was by actions of others or yours.

On the 5th of July, chatty Mercury enters Cancer and action planet Mars enters Taurus. These astrological shifts will bring on a more passive and gentler energy. Mercury in Cancer is uncomfortable speaking their truth until they completely feel they are safe to be themselves; Mars in Taurus likes to take a back seat when it comes to pursuing their passions.

The full moon on the 13th will be a favorable time for you to emotionally, mentally, and spiritually grow in order to focus on what empowers you and how powerful you are. Adulting is not just about the fiscal and professional growth, it is also developing your own metaphysical and mental health that can truly help the other tangible aspects of your life.

When Venus enters Cancer on the 17th, this is great to add more compassion toward ourselves and others. Watch out for hidden, repressed feelings of jealousy, possessiveness and greed -- you or your partner(s) may crave more intimacy and nurturing connections between you.

Once Mercury the planet of communication enters Leo on July 18, you will feel inspired to follow your heart over your head -- and that's the beauty of blending the action based and hearty Leo with the season of the emotionally gifted Cancer. But this could also be a hindrance to you ability to compromise, thanks to the fixed stubborn sign Leo.

Chiron will begin its retrograde on July 19, giving you a chance to reflect on insecurities when it comes your physical and metaphysical identity. May be do a journal writing prompt -- How can I empower myself through my own imperfections?

Cancer season is all about letting your heart be a part of your intuition. We shed the layers of the erratic though fun energy of Gemini, this is a wonderful to sit with your feelings and acknowledge time in the private and comforts of your own space. This will also teach you to balance your emotional and rational mind, taking an intuitively and empathically intellectual approach to your life.

In the western astrology, the Sun welcomes with a roar as we embrace Leo on July 22, that will help you with your confidence, fierceness and your own fiery passions. On the very same day, lucky Jupiters starts its retrograde in Aries, giving us the opportunity to take calculated risks.

The seasonal shift will also encourage your loved ones to aid your fiery passions when you doubt yourself and your capabilities. New moon happens on July 28, and this will provide you new opportunities to embrace your inner child so you can inspire yourself to put your happiness first.


You can do Manifestation work all this week because it is new moon in Cancer!

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Crystals are: Rose Quartz, Tigers Eye, Amethyst and Black Obsidian, to bring in protection, heightened intuition, and love. Herbs are Lavender and Rose, with spells oils concocted with organic lavender essential oil. 

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