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Mabuhay! Here's your weekly Tarot Tuesday! 06-20 - 06-26

Mabuhay, and welcome to your weekly Tarot Tuesday on The Miracle Marketplace! Not all messages are going to resonate, so do check your sun, moon, rising, venus placements or just check in next time. General Astrological and Tarot readings are not always going to be clear and concise, because there are millions of Geminis, Leos, Pisces out there but think of it as a a map or tour guide, but you are the driver in the path of your life.

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When Mercury, the planet of the mind, connects with Jupiter, the planet of philosophy on the 20th, this energy is going to help you shift your outlook in life and even assist you with learning a new skill or hobby that will interest you. Welcoming your cardinal sibling Cancer season today will inspire your curiosity during this energy. Like who are the people who provides you genuine security and even encourage you to be confident with your own skin? Where and when do you feel safe to be yourself? Are you attaching or attracting? Who is also mentally and spiritually stimulating you? When Venus enters Gemini on Wednesday, your biggest turn ons will be mental stimulation and intelligence, so do communicate your thoughts and ideas to attract that right kind of people. Summer solstice today will help you connect with your home affairs and family, that can provide you that sense of security and comfortability. You’re going to feel a shift when it comes to sharpness and that mental fog and stress can fade away if you use it to good use! Be compassionate.













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